The Truth Behind RISING Released

December 14th, 2011 by John

Remember when I told you that the official website would host an interview about the truth behind Metal Gear Rising? Well, its here.

To my surprise, its actually pretty lengthy (25 minutes.) It chronicles the development of the original RISING under Kojima Productions, and the teams struggle to find the right balance between tactical espionage and chip-chop ninja action. Its pretty surprising to hear that they actually put allot of thought into it, after thinking for so long that the game was only the way it was in order to appeal to the action-loving hardcore crowd.

Heres some other bits;

  • The game was apparently canceled at one point (which wouldve made many fans rejoice.) The video later explains how Platinum Games got involved and saved the project, Gearbox style.
  • Originally the game was supposed to use the FOX Engine, but that changed soon after Platinum Games got involved.
  • Some new gameplay bits are shown. Most of them is just expanded footage of what weve seen in the trailer (now extended), but the footage around the 20 minute mark is all new.
  • From the sound of it, youll still be able to cut nearly everything, despite rumors that it has been toned down. This reminds me of the debate between Aristotle and Democritus (Aristotle believed you can cut at will all you want and it will always break down. Democritus argued that, while you can cut many, many times, eventually youll get to something that cant be cut, which later became known as the atom.)
  • Even Yoji Shinkawa was surprised at the scene where Raiden lifts up the Neon RAY and slices it in fucking half.
  • The change of the time where RISING takes place (from between MGS2 and MGS4, which was one of the few good things I liked about the game in 2010, to after MGS4) was because the writers wanted more freedom with the story and its ending. Im sure they have some explanation for why Jack seems to be embracing his Ripper persona despite getting back together with Rose in MGS4s ending
  • Shigenobu Matsuyama, RISINGs former producer, is not mentioned at all. I wonder if he had anything to do with the lack of progress with the project
  • When you see Made in Japan, Kojima and Tatsuya Minami want you to think AWESOME like in the good ol days. Not how gay!

I probably hated Rising more than anyone back in 2010, and part of me still hates it. But ever since the new trailer, despite technically being even worse and even more non-Metal Gear it just clicked for me. The game seems to know exactly what it wants to be now; No More Heroes in the Metal Gear universe. Who knows, maybe itll be the true successor to Sons of Liberty!

Or not.

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You think you cant divide an atom?
Fission, John. Fission Mailed.

Well you can, but then it wouldnt be matter.

Also, take out the sharpest knife you can find, and see how long it takes for you to split an atom and cause a nuclear holocaust.
You need chemicals to do that, which is completely different from using a knife or a sword, which is what Rising is about.

Did you seriously just mention Aristotle in an article about a videogame? Get over yourself buddy

Jesus Christ, it was a joke. Lighten the fuck up.


Okay Mr.Science Smartass. How can you split an atom without a chemicle reaction?

Chemicals are made of combined atoms, you dumbass. The method fission is done in nuclear reactors (The only place Ive read) is they fire a radioactive element such as an electron or an alpha particle (dont remember) at an unstable uranium element, making it divide into 2 seperate atoms releasing shittons of energy. The uranium has to be heated and put under pressure for the fission to work, which is why you hear about Cold Fission being one of those amazing things that isnt around yet but would get lots of money.
Stay in school.

In other words, not by cutting. Which was the point.

High Frequency blades have been retconned some over the years and various theories have come to like. Some say that it also uses the Free Electron cutting like Rexs Penis Laser which technically can be considered splitting an atom. This also explains how it can resonate with Raidens nanomachines and cause the electric sparks, other than just sound resonation. Most just say that it vibrates at a high speed, though, so fuck you.

I dont understand you? What they were originally doing was epic! It was going to be a one of a kind game, now it is another Devil May Cry type game, saved only by the epicness that is Raiden.

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