Metal Gear Rising VGA Trailer Released

December 11th, 2011 by John

Yeah, remember this? It happened.

Oh, this? That would be Ninja Raiden using his sword to block an attack from a neon Metal Gear RAY to punk rock music.

A few hours ago, Kojima unveiled the new trailer for the revamped Metal Gear Solid: Rising, now called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, showing off some chip-chop action, a Vamp clone, and augmented black guys, which is funny since Deus Ex actually expresses how many fans feel about this game pretty well.

In a surprise move, development has switched from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games, the developers behind Bayonette and Vanquish.

The official website has also been launched, which revealed even more distressing information.

However, after Platinum Games came on board, the story was changed to take place several years after METAL GEAR SOLID 4 to give them more of an opportunity to show off what they can bring to the series.

So for those of you who liked Raidens ending in Metal Gear Solid 4, consider this one big fuck you to you. Also, I thought the War Economy stopped after FOXALIVE cut off The Patriots. Why are there still PMCs and Gekkos?

There will be a new interview for this game on Tuesday, December 13. Hopefully there will be even more details, like why the War Economy still exists, or whether or not its still canon (I mean, they dropped Solid from the title, like AC!D and Ghost Babel.)

Ill just leave this here.

Source Official Website

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is it vamp or a crapy similar villain ?

LOL @ Butthurt Kojima fanboys.

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