Kojima Tweets New FOX Engine Screenshots

December 20th, 2011 by John

Last week, Hideo Kojima uploaded some more FOX Engine pictures to his Twitter.

Why if it isnt our old friend pig-tailed Big Boss. And he has rolled up sleeves, just like his son did in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX. Maybe Peace Walker 2 really is in development. At this point, as long as Project Ogre is still being worked on, bring it on I say! The point of MGS2 has already been trampled on and beaten to dust, and with Rising pissing on whatevers left, now I just want a good game with a fun fan-fiction story, like Peace Walker. Lets have some fun!

Okay, I dont care what anyone says. THIS is cool. Transparent cloth hasnt really been used since (from what Ive been told) the original Splinter Cell, and never for clothing. Remember the part in MGS1 where you had to find Meryl by looking at a bunch of guards asses? Knowing Kojima, he would probably take advantage of this new technology to do something similar. Like, youll need to look carefully past a nurses blouse in order to get a code to a door or something.

These screenshots can now be viewed in our Gallery.

SOURCE @Kojima_Hideo

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Wow O_O..


Not going to jump or go over the moon but this is refreshing, and looks gorgeous. One pic says alot!

[...] Also, since this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the whole series, expect another big announcement from Kojima Productions this June (most likely involving Pig-tailed Boss.) [...]

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