How to have a photograph of yourself in a Metal Gear game

February 1st, 2012 by Ravi Singh

1) Be an attractive model.

Some of you will have trouble with this one. Sorry. =(

2) Post on the official Metal Gear Solid Facebook enough to get Kens attention.

Plenty of you folks post a lot on the official Metal Gear Facebook already, put having a render of Big Boss as your profile picture and posting stuff like WHERE ARE THE MGS4 TROPHIES?! FUCK RISING (no, fuck you) and OMG EPIC all the time is going to blend with all of the other comments being posted. Why not be an attractive model holding a Naked Snake doll, for example?

3) Ask Ken if you can be in a Metal Gear game.

Eventually Badass Ken will notice you and this is your opportunity to ask if you can become a part of Metal Gear history. Ken isnt God or anything, but he can ask and if everything works out


But seriously, congratulations to Tamika Mzftoy.

LINK Official MGS Facebook

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4 Responses to How to have a photograph of yourself in a Metal Gear game

I took a picture of her on my first playthrough of the HD collection. :D

Haha thankss Im soo excited to play it in HD!!

badass ken banned me from his twitter, cause i made many questions of the unconfortable kind.

sorry i confussed ken mensoza with badass ken

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