Hideo Kojimas Escape from Minako

January 17th, 2012 by Ravi Singh

Im not going to bother adding much commentary to this fictional list of cancelled video games by 1UPs Bob Mackey. Anyone who regularly follows my writings on all things Metal Gear will have a laugh from reading the part about Hideo Kojimas cancelled non-Metal Gear title Escape from Minako:

Started and scrapped between the development cycles of Metal Gear Solids 2, 3, 4, and Peace Walker, Escape from Minako promised a less-stealthy take on Kojimas standard style. The game put players in control of a humble robot manufacturer imprisoned at the evil Minako Corporation, forced to build a line of increasing complex and time-consuming behemoths against his will; throughout EFMs ten stages, said protagonist would slay floors of cyborg executives, finally escaping at the end for a tearful reunion with his family and the concept known by many as leisure. When exposed to Kojimas presentation for the game, Konamis higher-ups couldnt help but notice the strong allegory between Escape from Minako and Kojimas actual working life. To counter such claims, the famed developer simply presented a picture showing the stacks of cash this new IP would bring in. The brass at Konami responded in turn with a 1:10-scale diorama depicting the money a new Metal Gear game would generate, complete with a model train that, when fully built, would carry an entire board of directors through tunnels upon tunnels of currency. A lesson for you would-be developers: when working on a pitch, never neglect the size of your money shot.

The only thing I take issue with? The implication that Kojima was ever forced to make Metal Gear titles; he always had a choice, even if one of the consequences of making a different choice would have ended with him leaving Konami. Maybe Escape from Minakos main villain should actually be the main characters evil twin, modeled after Business Kojima. Anyways, check out the full article on 1UP.

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Losing/quitting your job in order to make a new game isnt much of a choice Just sayin Its like saying the choice of picking between being given a lethal injection versus a firing squad is a choice when what you really want is to live Sure you have a choice, but the comparison is far removed

Now Kojima did have a choice to continue to be involved in more Metal Gear titles but we all saw the results of what happens when hes not

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