GT Interviews Hideo Kojima at USC

October 8th, 2011 by John

While visiting the University of Southern California, Hideo Kojima was interviewed by GameTrailers.TVs Geoff Keighley, where he discusses his childhood, his immunity to drugs, and his ideal of augmented reality being the future of video games. You can read a brief summary of it here.

He also showed off a bit of the FOX Engine. Take a look;

Yeah, thats Big Boss. No, its not Peace Walker 2. Its just a tech demo for the FOX Engine.

Still Big Boss hair looks aged. And its more clean, like it is in MGS4 (but with some weird pigtail-like things in the back) Gamasutra explains what they saw of the AI in action;

Within the video, an enemy PMC guard spawned near Big Boss, and Kojima explained that within a few clicks, a developer can craft the AIs paths of patrol.

AI patrols? Sounds very Metal Gear-like to me. Maybe hes been kicking the idea aroundĀ in his head. Hopefully, it wont beĀ at the expense of his new IP.

Click on the GameTrailers links below for the full interview.

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[...] if it isnt our old friend pig-tailed Big Boss. And he has rolled up sleeves, just like his son did in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for [...]

I regret not using the augmented reality thing as a Deus Ex joke.

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