GamesRadar pays tribute to Kojimas weirdness through pictures

February 17th, 2012 by John

We love Hideo Kojima. Specifically, we love making fun of Hideo Kojima. And as they say on the internet, pics or it didnt happen. Otherwise, there wouldnt be much to make fun of.

For this reason, David Houghton, from GamesRadar, compiled a collection of 47 (oh you cunning fucker) of the most bizarre photos of one of the industrys great game designers, complete with hilarious captions.

There is one picture I wish he included though;

haha. the fucker is an emogelion fan

that actually explains a lot.


Source GamesRadar

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One Response to GamesRadar pays tribute to Kojimas weirdness through pictures

[...] We like making fun of Hideo Kojima allot, but in all honesty, its always great to hear him talk about his experience making games, and his design philosophy. Check out some the stuff in our Specials section to see what I mean, especially his GDC Keynote, or the Making of MGS4 stuff. [...]

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