How to have a photograph of yourself in a Metal Gear game

February 1st, 2012 by Ravi Singh

1) Be an attractive model.

Some of you will have trouble with this one. Sorry. =(

2) Post on the official Metal Gear Solid Facebook enough to get Kens attention.

Plenty of you folks post a lot on the official Metal Gear Facebook already, put having a render of Big Boss as your profile picture and posting stuff like WHERE ARE THE MGS4 TROPHIES?! FUCK RISING (no, fuck you) and OMG EPIC all the time is going to blend with all of the other comments being posted. Why not be an attractive model holding a Naked Snake doll, for example?

3) Ask Ken if you can be in a Metal Gear game.

Eventually Badass Ken will notice you and this is your opportunity to ask if you can become a part of Metal Gear history. Ken isnt God or anything, but he can ask and if everything works out


But seriously, congratulations to Tamika Mzftoy.

LINK Official MGS Facebook

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MegaZine Interviews Marc Laidlaw

January 23rd, 2012 by John

Marc Laidlaw, best known for translating the Grand Game Plan for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Policenauts, and, more recently, the SDATCHER radio drama, was able to share his experience with translating in an interview with MegaZine.

Its thanks to this man that I can now play Policenauts without needing to learn Japanese, or find out that MGS2 was going to have a shark as a boss fight (that sounds amazing! Why wasnt it included?!) If another version of Selection for Societal Sanity ever gets passed, Konami better not try to take his stuff down.

Source MegaZine

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RISING Playable At E3 2012

January 22nd, 2012 by John

Admit it; youre excited for Rising. Maybe its for ironic reasons, but youre still excited. Whether its because you want something that could euthanize the Metal Gear series and finally put it out of its misery, or because you want a genuinely fun cyborg ninja game (or both!), either way, you want to see how it looks.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hideo Kojima, Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami, and producer Atsushi Inaba, revealed that, after three years since the game was first announced in E3 2009, Rising will be playable at E3 2012. Those attending will be able to cut at their own will, and have some fun!

Minami also explained that stealth was the first thing Platinum Games tossed out when they took over the project. Apparently, even Kojima said he didnt want stealth in the game.

Also, since this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the whole series, expect another big announcement from Kojima Productions this June (most likely involving Pig-tailed Boss.)

Source andriasang

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Kojima Tweets Pics of New ZOEHD Opening

January 21st, 2012 by John

Yesterday, Kojima tweeted some pictures of the new anime opening Sunrise is making for the ZOE HD Collection.

This isnt the first time Sunrise made something for the ZOE franchise; they also made a 26 episode series and an OVA based on the games, both of which you can probably watch right now on a streaming site since Congress decided not to fuck up for once.

Well keep you updated as soon as we get more info on the Zone of the Enders HD Collection!

Source andriasang

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Hideo Kojimas Escape from Minako

January 17th, 2012 by Ravi Singh

Im not going to bother adding much commentary to this fictional list of cancelled video games by 1UPs Bob Mackey. Anyone who regularly follows my writings on all things Metal Gear will have a laugh from reading the part about Hideo Kojimas cancelled non-Metal Gear title Escape from Minako:

Started and scrapped between the development cycles of Metal Gear Solids 2, 3, 4, and Peace Walker, Escape from Minako promised a less-stealthy take on Kojimas standard style. The game put players in control of a humble robot manufacturer imprisoned at the evil Minako Corporation, forced to build a line of increasing complex and time-consuming behemoths against his will; throughout EFMs ten stages, said protagonist would slay floors of cyborg executives, finally escaping at the end for a tearful reunion with his family and the concept known by many as leisure. When exposed to Kojimas presentation for the game, Konamis higher-ups couldnt help but notice the strong allegory between Escape from Minako and Kojimas actual working life. To counter such claims, the famed developer simply presented a picture showing the stacks of cash this new IP would bring in. The brass at Konami responded in turn with a 1:10-scale diorama depicting the money a new Metal Gear game would generate, complete with a model train that, when fully built, would carry an entire board of directors through tunnels upon tunnels of currency. A lesson for you would-be developers: when working on a pitch, never neglect the size of your money shot.

The only thing I take issue with? The implication that Kojima was ever forced to make Metal Gear titles; he always had a choice, even if one of the consequences of making a different choice would have ended with him leaving Konami. Maybe Escape from Minakos main villain should actually be the main characters evil twin, modeled after Business Kojima. Anyways, check out the full article on 1UP.

LINK 1UP, META Gear Solid

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MGS3DS Box Art and Release Date Revealed

January 10th, 2012 by John

You know what game Im getting in February for the 3DS?

Resident Evil: Revelations

But for those of you who are allergic to non-remake 3DS games, if you wait a few more weeks, you can purchase a game youve probably bought three times already, but this time in its in 3D, on a portable system, and comes with the ability to use pictures of your dirty parts as camouflage!

Yes, after about a year and a half since the game was first revealed during E3 2010, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater will finally be released on February 21st (or March 8th in Europe.)

They also released the box-art (pictured right), which seems to be going for the same vibe Peace Walkers western box-art had (Big Boss is black and white and the main emphasis is action.)

Source Joystiq

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Kojima Tweets New FOX Engine Screenshots

December 20th, 2011 by John

Last week, Hideo Kojima uploaded some more FOX Engine pictures to his Twitter.

Why if it isnt our old friend pig-tailed Big Boss. And he has rolled up sleeves, just like his son did in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX. Maybe Peace Walker 2 really is in development. At this point, as long as Project Ogre is still being worked on, bring it on I say! The point of MGS2 has already been trampled on and beaten to dust, and with Rising pissing on whatevers left, now I just want a good game with a fun fan-fiction story, like Peace Walker. Lets have some fun!

Okay, I dont care what anyone says. THIS is cool. Transparent cloth hasnt really been used since (from what Ive been told) the original Splinter Cell, and never for clothing. Remember the part in MGS1 where you had to find Meryl by looking at a bunch of guards asses? Knowing Kojima, he would probably take advantage of this new technology to do something similar. Like, youll need to look carefully past a nurses blouse in order to get a code to a door or something.

These screenshots can now be viewed in our Gallery.

SOURCE @Kojima_Hideo

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The Truth Behind RISING Released

December 14th, 2011 by John

Remember when I told you that the official website would host an interview about the truth behind Metal Gear Rising? Well, its here.

To my surprise, its actually pretty lengthy (25 minutes.) It chronicles the development of the original RISING under Kojima Productions, and the teams struggle to find the right balance between tactical espionage and chip-chop ninja action. Its pretty surprising to hear that they actually put allot of thought into it, after thinking for so long that the game was only the way it was in order to appeal to the action-loving hardcore crowd.

Heres some other bits;

  • The game was apparently canceled at one point (which wouldve made many fans rejoice.) The video later explains how Platinum Games got involved and saved the project, Gearbox style.
  • Originally the game was supposed to use the FOX Engine, but that changed soon after Platinum Games got involved.
  • Some new gameplay bits are shown. Most of them is just expanded footage of what weve seen in the trailer (now extended), but the footage around the 20 minute mark is all new.
  • From the sound of it, youll still be able to cut nearly everything, despite rumors that it has been toned down. This reminds me of the debate between Aristotle and Democritus (Aristotle believed you can cut at will all you want and it will always break down. Democritus argued that, while you can cut many, many times, eventually youll get to something that cant be cut, which later became known as the atom.)
  • Even Yoji Shinkawa was surprised at the scene where Raiden lifts up the Neon RAY and slices it in fucking half.
  • The change of the time where RISING takes place (from between MGS2 and MGS4, which was one of the few good things I liked about the game in 2010, to after MGS4) was because the writers wanted more freedom with the story and its ending. Im sure they have some explanation for why Jack seems to be embracing his Ripper persona despite getting back together with Rose in MGS4s ending
  • Shigenobu Matsuyama, RISINGs former producer, is not mentioned at all. I wonder if he had anything to do with the lack of progress with the project
  • When you see Made in Japan, Kojima and Tatsuya Minami want you to think AWESOME like in the good ol days. Not how gay!

I probably hated Rising more than anyone back in 2010, and part of me still hates it. But ever since the new trailer, despite technically being even worse and even more non-Metal Gear it just clicked for me. The game seems to know exactly what it wants to be now; No More Heroes in the Metal Gear universe. Who knows, maybe itll be the true successor to Sons of Liberty!

Or not.

Source YouTube

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Metal Gear Rising VGA Trailer Released

December 11th, 2011 by John

Yeah, remember this? It happened.

Oh, this? That would be Ninja Raiden using his sword to block an attack from a neon Metal Gear RAY to punk rock music.

A few hours ago, Kojima unveiled the new trailer for the revamped Metal Gear Solid: Rising, now called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, showing off some chip-chop action, a Vamp clone, and augmented black guys, which is funny since Deus Ex actually expresses how many fans feel about this game pretty well.

In a surprise move, development has switched from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games, the developers behind Bayonette and Vanquish.

The official website has also been launched, which revealed even more distressing information.

However, after Platinum Games came on board, the story was changed to take place several years after METAL GEAR SOLID 4 to give them more of an opportunity to show off what they can bring to the series.

So for those of you who liked Raidens ending in Metal Gear Solid 4, consider this one big fuck you to you. Also, I thought the War Economy stopped after FOXALIVE cut off The Patriots. Why are there still PMCs and Gekkos?

There will be a new interview for this game on Tuesday, December 13. Hopefully there will be even more details, like why the War Economy still exists, or whether or not its still canon (I mean, they dropped Solid from the title, like AC!D and Ghost Babel.)

Ill just leave this here.

Source Official Website

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Japanese MGS3DS Site Reveals Release Date

November 22nd, 2011 by John

Those of you who are stuck with a Nintendo 3DS and cant afford a Playstation Vita will be happy to know that Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater will be released on March 8, 2012.

At least according to the Japanese site, which probably means the date isnt the same as the North American/European release dates. The English site still says COMING THIS WINTER even though it was officially delayed half a year ago

Enjoy paying more for less.

Source Official Website

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